Master of Ceremonies by Charlie Bradley

You know how some people would “rather die” than speak in front of an audience? Not so for Charlie!

With decades of experience before live audiences and in recording, radio, and television studios, Charlie has performed for hundreds of thousands in English and Spanish.

Armed with comedic skills and an amiable personality, Charlie is sure to delight your guests with a smooth and timely patter that will keep your event flowing smoothly! His caring attention to detail, charm and social skills, make him the perfect host for your event.

Event Coordination

Charlie Bradley Entertainment Services’ background in events of all kinds assures that your event will unfold in a graceful way, as Charlie interfaces with providers and venue management to coordinate their participation in your special event.

Here’s the best part: no additional charge. It’s part of what he does as your Master of Ceremonies!

The Perfect Event is a Charlie Bradley Event!